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Located in the eastern part of Henan Province, Kaifeng covers an area of 6444 km2 with a total population of 5.27 million. It has 5 counties and 6 districts under its jurisdiction.
Kaifeng is not only a famous historical and cultural city of China, but also one of the country’s top tourism destinations. Over 2750 years old now, Kaifeng is a famous “capital city of 7 dynasties”. Especially in the Northern Song Dynasty, Kaifeng served as the national capital and then was the political, economic and cultural center of China as well as a prosperous international metropolis.
Nowadays, the rich historical and cultural resources and superior development environment have paved way for this charming historical city to score stride forward development. Seizing the strategic opportunity of the integration of Zhengzhou and Kaifeng as well as the forging of Central Plains Economic Area and implementing the policies of “building up the strength of the city through developing industry” and “opening up and introducing”, Kaifeng is accelerating the stride from the traditional industrial base to modern industrial city, from traditional agriculture to modern agriculture and from a city rich in cultural and tourism resources to that strong in cultural and tourism undertakings.
Kaifeng is not only a city of history and past glories, but also a city fully open to the world. Kaifeng has established sister city relations with Toda of Japan, Wichita of USA, Yeongcheon of Korea, Wingecarribee Shire of Australia and Omsk of Russia. Moreover, Kaifeng is maintaining close friendly exchanges with several cities in Japan, UK, France and Israel. In the past 3 decades, sister city relations and international friendly exchanges and cooperation have make extraordinary contributions to the social development and opening-up of Kaifeng.

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