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Toda, Japan

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Location:      Prefecture of Saitama, satellite city of Tokyo
Area:             Approx. 180,000 km2
Pop.:              Approx. 110,000
Economy:      Machine building, optical instrument,electronic products, food processing and logistics
Mayor:          Mr. Jimbo Kunio, first elected in 1998, reelected in 2010, having visited Kaifeng 4 times, most recent one in 2009.
City flower:   Primrose
Kaifeng and Toda, Japan established sister city relations on August 21, 1984. Since then, the two cities have carried out all round friendly exchanges and cooperation in economy, culture, education, sports and public health, the fruitful achievements of which have benefited both cities.
In the 1980s, the city of Toda was a major channel through which the newly opened Kaifeng reached out to the world. The exchanges of official delegations every other year and the frequent contacts of various business and specialized delegations have quickened the pace of Kaifeng’s opening up. Toda has trained a great number of young technicians from Kaifeng who later contributed to the economic development of Kaifeng. Moreover, Toda has donated medical equipment to Kaifeng and provided Kaifeng with improved vegetable and fruit seeds, including several world renowned chrysanthemum varieties. In 1994, Toda provided funds to build the Sino-Japan Friendship Cherry Blossom Garden in Kaifeng. Every April since then, the over 2000 cherry blossom trees in full bloom are a perfect symbol of the friendship of Kaifeng and Toda.
Recent years have witnessed closer cooperation between the two cities. It has been estimated that since 1984, over 300 Kaifeng officials and entrepreneurs have visited Toda, and over 2200 officials and entrepreneurs from Toda have visited Kaifeng. Effective communication systems have been founded between business and youth representatives of the two cities. With the assistance of Toda, the industrialization development of Kaifeng Chrysanthemum has made major breakthrough. In 2006, Mr. Yamakawa, an entrepreneur of Toda founded Sanwa Light Industry Co., Ltd. which grows healthily in Kaifeng. Mr. Yamakawa, as an investor from sister city, has been honoured the Yellow River Friendship Award by Henan Provincial Government in 2009.

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