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The current position: Sister Cities
Yeongcheon, Korea

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Location:      Southeastern Gyeong Sang Buk-do
Area:             920.29 km2
Pop.:              105,000
Economy:      Agriculture and husbandry, electronic products, machine building, car parts
Mayor:          Mr. Gim Yeong Seok, elected in 2007
City flower:   Rose
Kaifeng and Yeongcheon established sister city relations on June 15, 2005. Since then, the two cities have maintained frequent exchanges and the mutual understanding and friendship has been ever strengthened by regular exchanges of visits and especially, by training study of civil servants on yearly basis which, except for all other benefits, has trained for Kaifeng qualified interpreters for future all round friendly exchanges and cooperation.
In recent years, Kaifeng has dispatched delegations of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which are composed of renowned experts and doctors for 3 years consecutively to Yeongcheon. During the visits, experts and doctors from Kaifeng held seminars and discussions with their counterparts and helped to diagnosis and treat patients of Yeongcheon. These visits have not only demonstrated the charms of TCM, but also laid a solid foundation for future cooperation in traditional medicine.

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