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The Enterprises of Kaifeng in the Last Century

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In the early 1950s, the industrial development of Kaifeng was second to Luoyang in Henan Province, even better than Zhengzhou. By that time, Kaifeng has many large enterprises producing thousands of products such as Kaifeng Tobacco Factory, Kaifeng Diesel Engine Factory and Henan Woolen Mill etc. From 1960s to 1980s, the first TV set, refrigerator, ham sausage, bicycle and sewing machine in Henan were all produced by Kaifeng. It brought citizens of Kaifeng the pride.




Jinniu Brand refrigerator produced in Kaifeng was, for many families, the very first refrigerator, which keeps working for over 2 decades.


 Kaifeng Radio Factory was the third factory in China producing transistor monochromatic TV set. It has the first TV Set assembly line equipped with signal source from CCTV in HenanProvince. Kaifeng TV Set definitely deserved the No.1 Brand in HenanProvince at that time.



Maodun Soap and Laundry Powder

Out of more than 300 enterprises producing cleaning products in China, only 11 enterprises are qualified for the National Inspection-free title and Henan Maodun is one of them. In its peak time, the total annual output on laundry powder of Henan Maodu is 75000 tons which ranked 5th in China. The total output value is 28.7 million Rmb. The market covers all provinces of China except Taiwan, Tibet and Hainan.




The Xiangyang Sewing Machine produced by Kaifeng Sewing Machine Factory. It is a luxury item at home in 1970s and a symbol of social status.





Tieta Brand Match, not easy to forget it.

Kaifeng Matches Factory used to be one of three biggest match factories in China.




The 1970s and 1980s were the peak time for Kaifeng’s Industrial Development. Kaifeng has many large scale enterprises with good sales record at home and abroad at that time. With advanced technology, Kaifeng Diesel Engine Factory produced over 100 thousand 12 HP Engines and 10 thousand 15 HP Engines to local and Shandong, Hebei, QinghaiProvinces and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region from 1970 to 1985.


The Zhongzhou 120 Tractor produced by Kaifeng Machinery Factory was awarded Quality Products at Provincial and National Level.


Kaifeng Combine Harvester Factory used to be the key factory in China. The factory produced 10 large combine harvesters, 4320 threshers, 67 trip autos and 950 trailers in 1985. The products of Kaifeng Combine Harvester Factory were sold to 22 cities, provinces and Autonomous Regions in China.


Kaifeng Tractor’s Motor and Electric Appliance Factory used to be the largest factory in motor and electric products for tractor and internal combustion engine in China. The products were awarded Quality Products at Provincial and National Level, while sold throughout China and dozens countries and regions in Southeast Asia, Africa and Europe.

 Kaifeng Electrical Machinery Factory used to be the national and provincial key factory. The products were sold to Henan, Sichuan, Hunan, Jiangsu, Shandong and Helongjiang provinces in China. It was also exported to Pakistan and Malaysia etc. 



Cigarette Production in Kaifeng Tobacco Factory




As the first beer brewery of Henan Province, Kaifeng Beer Brewery could produce 1.98 tons per month in 1960. There were hundreds of trucks waiting at the gate of Kaifeng Beer Brewery in summer. Sometime, some of them have to wait 2 or 3 days even longer.




 In 1970s, the products of Kaifeng Enamelware Factory were well known both in China and abroad. Basin, teacup and other daily enamelware were the essentials for local family. 



Is there anyone who could detail reasons for slump of Kaifeng’s industry and who should be responsible for the slump? Probably we need to find answers. However, we are delighted to see that in recent years, the industry of Kaifeng is entering a new period of repaid development while eliminating outmoded production. A great number of new brands are being developed healthily and strongly.

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