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The Traditional Recreation and Folk Customs in Kaifeng

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Cock Fighting

Cock fighting is a traditional folk custom in Kaifeng and is loved by many local people. Cock fighting is an intense competition full of fascination. There are strict and scientific methods on the selection, breeding, teaching and training of fighting cocks. On every festival, Kaifeng Cock Fighting Association will hold fighting events.



Kite flying in April is the favorite tradition for most families in Kaifeng. With various shapes and colors, the kite of Kaifeng enjoys long history and is famous for delicate handwork. You may appreciate different kinds of kites flying in the sky every spring. The art kites, mini kites from local folk artisans are best works for kite funs for collection and appreciation.





Pan Drum Dance

Pan Drum Dance is a traditional folk custom in Kaifeng, especially for the Spring Festival and for events celebration. Kaifeng Pan Drum Dance features strong rhythm, diversified forms and grand scene. There are over 30 Pan Drum Dance teams in Kaifeng. They hold shows and competitions during New Year, Spring Festival, National Day, Cultural Festival, Chrysanthemum Festival and TempleFairs. The rumbles of drum dance and visual shock will cheer people up. The Kaifeng Pan Drum Dance team has  visited Japan and received praises.


Night Market

Kaifeng night market enjoys long standing reputation. Located at downtown area, with largest number of vendors and varieties of snacks, Gulou night market is the biggest one in Kaifeng and have been praised by both Chinese and foreign tourists. The Fried Bean Jelly and Almond Tea used to visit Singapore for snack show. They have won great popularity there. Shopping at night market, appreciating snacks and experiencing local folk tradition are a great pleasure for the tour in Kaifeng.


Chrysanthemum Cultural Festival

Chrysanthemum cultivation has been very popular ever since the Northern Song Dynasty. With more than one thousand years history on Chrysanthemum cultivation, Kaifeng breeds over a thousand varieties and enjoys the title of ChrysanthemumCity. Every autumn, Kaifeng will host the traditional Chrysanthemum Cultural Festival when blooming chrysanthemum attracting tourists near and far.


Bird Market

Raising birds is a long time custom in Kaifeng, unseen in any other ancient cities in China. The history of raising bird in Kaifeng can be traced back to the journal Dreamlike Glory of Kaifeng in Northern Song Dynasty. A new development on breeding and exchanging birds in Kaifeng during Ming dynasty was proved by antiques preserved by bird breeders. Raising bird reached its peak in Qing dynasty and a bird market was founded near the Xiangguo Buddhism Monastery. In recently years, a new bird market was formed by local citizens west to KaifengBianjingPark. 


Lantern Show

The lantern show in Kaifeng was originated in Song dynasty, 1000 years from now. On the basis of historical traditions, Kaifeng’s lantern show has made significant creations. Every year during the lantern festival, Kaifeng will host the traditional lantern show where different shapes of colourful lanterns will attract tourists in great numbers. Every one will be reluctant to come back home on this restless night.


Temple Fair

The annual King Yu Temple Fair is a stage to display Kaifeng’s folk art and an ideal place to go if you have a starving stomach for delicious local flavors of Kaifeng. Since 1993, the temple fair has been held in Kaifeng in April. People could appreciate many kinds of folk performance, such as lion dance, pan drum dance, stilts show, local Yu opera and Beijing opera, etc.  

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