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2014 Kaifeng Historical Buildings Photo Contest focuses in Formal Residence of Liu Qingxia

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2014 Kaifeng Historical Buildings Photo Contest has won wide applause and active participation of shutterbugs around China. They send in their works, sit in lectures and joined in location shootings, not only to find scenery for their cameras, but also to appreciate the charms of historical buildings of Kaifeng and its traditional culture.
The Photo Contest is co-sponsored by Kaifeng Tourism Bureau, Kaifeng Cultural Heritage and Scenic Park Bureau and Kaifeng Daily News Group. According to schedule, on the afternoon of August 23, a location shooting will be held in the formal residence of Liu Qingxia.
Built in 1880 in late Qing Dynasty, the formal residence of Liu Qingxia is a typical enclosed courtyard. Facing southward, it covers a total area of over 900 m2, composing 3 yards from the entrance to the rear end. Buildings along the axis fall into strict symmetry, all in late Qing Dynasty style and all on the list of historical heritage under national protection.
Unlike some historical buildings where carvings and paintings can been witnessed here and there, the formal residence of Liu Qingxia is decorated with its simple but elegant feature, with light carvings and clean design of doors and windows. As the most well preserved classic courtyard in Henan province, it was honored historical heritage under national protection in May 2006.

Before the formal residence of Liu Qingxia, location shooting has been arranged in Hanyuan Stele Forest, Tianbo General Yang’s Mansion, Dragon Pavilion Park, Iron Pagoda Park, Zhuxianzhen Town and King Yu’s Terrace Park.

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