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Be Inspired by the Cavalry Fight Show at Riverside Scene Park

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Since its premiere on October 1st 2013, General Yue Fei Pricked Prince Liang to Death in Imperial Martial Art Contest, a large scale patriotic show offered by Kaifeng’s Riverside Scene Park, has won great applause from tourists. It is one of the most popular shows in the park.
Based on a horse ride show, this show is a re-creation with the theme of the patriotism of General Yue Fei of the Song Dynasty which is a household name in China who devoted his life in defense of his country. This daily show involves over 20 war horses and over 70 performers. With over 100 locations of haze effect installation, the annual cost of this show amounts to over 5 million. It was one of the key daytime performances offered by the park. Just imagine: war horses, blown dusts, artillery effects and fire arrows demonstrated in the form of modern technology employed by movie shooting, anyone present will surely be shocked and inspired.
This show, together with several others based on history of Song Dynasty, such as Lord Bao Zheng Inspecting Grain Transportation on Bian River, Rescuing Captured Brothers and Dreamlike Glory of Northern Song Dynasty, has formed the only cluster of live show in Henan Province. In this September, the Riverside Scene Park will stage another exciting live show named Defending the Capital. Art performance and live show are making their contributions in helping Kaifeng accelerating its pursuit of a world well-known cultural and tourism city.

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