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Hanyuan Stele Forest

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In Kaifeng there is a treasure of traditional Chinese culture, a park integrating poem, calligraphy, painting and the art of seal cutting. This is the Hanyuan Stele Forest founded by Mr. Li Gongtao. In the course of over 20 years, Mr. Li Gongtao and his family have dedicated their time and hard work in the creation of this cultural monument.
Hanyuan Stele Forest has been visited by many state leaders, including Jiang Zemin, Hu Jintao and Kim Young-san of Korea and Toshiki Kaifu of Japan. They have all expressed their respect to the dedication of Mr. Li Gongtao.
Calligraphy is the main vehicle whereby Hanyuan Stele Forest inherits traditional Chinese culture and art. It has also created many new forms of calligraphy such as writing by knife, by mouth, by spoon, by two brushes at the same time, by finger, by sand, by feet and writing blindfolded. All these have demonstrated the profound nature of the Chinese culture, the long history of calligraphy and the rich culture deposit Kaifeng has.
Hanyuan Stele Forest has much more to offer. It is also a garden with a view. Here tourists could see lake and rockery, appreciate music and dancing drama, study calligraphy and all kinds of crafts. It offers tourists a rare chance to be immersed in the boundless see of traditional Chinese culture.

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